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In preparation for the 2010 World Cup, G.O.A.L. is a community-based soccer, education and health-care facility envisioned for Langa Township in the Western Cape. The intention is to simultaneously create both a clearly defined, inwardly focused space for soccer as well as an outward-looking, expandable facility that recognizes and integrates with the local landscape. The 20x40m soccer pitch is defined by a perimeter of tilted planes that rise to enclose the various programs beneath. On the two long edges of the pitch these tilted surfaces become the main spectator viewing areas- one for formalized seating (bleachers) - and one for informal seating (grass mound).  These pitched surfaces direct and gather rainwater and distribute it to catchments basins at ground level.


The triangular geometry acts as a “module” for growth; these triangular modules accumulate to provide both enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces as well as patios and gardens.  As needed, additional enclosure can be added over time, providing a continuous and connected facility that integrates into the landscape and with the surrounding community. The ‘quilt’ also allows for local materials to be seamlessly interchanged with the proposed material palette depending on alternate locations and climates, providing an infinite ‘patchwork’ of sustainable material options.

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