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Caffè Panna

Caffè Panna is an 840 sq ft cafe and gelateria on Irving Place designed by Hayley Eber of Studio Eber with Julie Frank that is as a modern interpretation of the iconic Roman ice cream and aperitivo cafe that is so prevalent in the Italian city and such a part of daily life and ritual.

The cool neutral color palette of pure whites and dark blacks with multiple shades of grey is enhanced and warmed up by touches of terrazzo, bronze metal and wood.

The design is rich in its layering of textures and materiality but compromised of minimal color so that the vibrancy and focus is on the artisan ice creams and culinary creations. The grey surfaces provide the ideal backdrop to accent the hand-made creations.

Reusing the existing wooden floors provides a contrast to the modern stone elements to ensure that the space and place retains a warm and inviting feel in conjunction with the modern clean lines and surfaces.

A variety of seating types are provided to cater for all types of customers and group sizes and the relationship to the street is anchored by the typical Italian standing counter on both the inside and outside, where espresso can be sipped, gelato can be eaten, friends can catch up or one can read the paper and slowly ease in the day with a coffee and a baked delicacy.

From morning to night, Caffè Panna is designed to invite guest to come by for the gelato and coffee. Anytime is Panna time. 

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