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A 15’ x 15’ temporary performance pavilion designed under the restrictions of an extremely small budget and a wildly short timeline, Hedgehog hosted a lineup of diverse street performers from around the country, participating in an effort to raise money for youth homelessness. Part of a large one-day summer concert festival attended by 35,000 people, Hedgehog was designed as a modular steel frame wrapped by a spiky skin of 300 standard traffic cones and was erected in under 6 hours. The temporary nature of the concert event called for a “pop-up” architecture that turned speed to its advantage, using ready-made materials in an unexpected way. The intense repetition of the ubiquitous traffic cone, an element of the street displaced into the woods, allowed this item to overcome its usual message of danger and caution and instead promote a sense of festivity, even euphoria. Fitted with a state of the art sound system, Hedgehog happily stood out as a misplaced object invited for a short stay in a wooded setting.

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