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Chop't Creative Salad

EFGH was asked to revitalize an existing restaurant brand. The design for Chop’t is a prototype comprised of key components that will “drop in” to all future locations, becoming the new design standard for the brand. These components are both large pieces of furniture and small pieces of architecture, participating in and regulating the high volume flow of customer traffic. We’ve introduced variable speeds to the space - slow, medium and fast. Each component inserts itself along the customer’s path and produces a local environment within a larger spatial field: The Wall Peel is a wall-covering/ furniture/ signage hybrid. The Stage is a folded steel structure that wraps the existing salad equipment and is also an illuminated internal facade. The bent metal assembly acts as structural surface and provides stability to the form. The Alcove provides a room-within-a-room: softer finishes, warmer lighting and a lower ceiling provide a respite from the fast pace of the restaurant.

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